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8/3/2018 6:06:21 PM

It appears the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has changed its tune and feels an advance green light at Dufferin Road 124 and Highway 89 is needed.

Shelburne Mayor Ken Bennington says he has received an email from MTO officials that they agree an advance green at the intersection is warranted.

Last October MTO said it would undertake a review of the intersection this summer.

The town has been calling for an advance green at the intersection for several years.

myFM News reached out to the MTO in an e-mail about what changed in its decision to approve the advanced green, as passed studies indicated that such improvements were not required.

West Region Communications Coordinator Liane Fisher Bloxam says Shelburne has been clear that this intersection has been an "on-going concern in their community."

On July 20, ministry staff completed an intersection study during peak traffic hours and said the "results of that study, as well as planned future development in this area, lead them to believe that the advance green phase will be warranted in the near future."

Bennington says there is no word on when the advance green light will be installed.

The ministry says they are currently "reviewing the existing signals and determining the scope of work for the installation of an eastbound advance left turn phase." Once this is complete, they will be in a better position to "determine timelines."

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