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7/10/2018 9:40:10 AM

Just a couple of days after retiring as a Justice of the Peace, John Creelman has announced his candidacy for Mono Deputy Mayor.

He's no stranger to municipal politics, serving on Mono council as a Councillor, Deputy Reeve, and Mayor in the 90s and early 2000s. Creelman also served as Warden of Dufferin County for two terms.

As he starts his campaign, Creelman says the delivery of Provincial Offences Administration (POA) is one issue local municipalities, such as Mono, should assert their authority over.

Last month, county council approved moving POA to its old location within the Orangeville courthouse, if Caledon agrees.

Creelman says it's an unacceptable and inadequate space.

Creelman is also interested in tackling, among other things, by-law enforcement, cost effective local service delivery, and high-speed internet. He tells myFM News that he wants to see Mono and Dufferin reinvigerated with new ideas that should come from councillors.

Creelman is the second person to announce their candidacy for Deputy Mayor in Mono. Elaine Capes is also vying for the position.

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