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6/13/2018 11:02:13 AM

Reverend Vincent Sterling at the Shelburne Worship Centre alleges recent attempts to evict the congregation are racially motivated.

Sterling's landlord had police deliver what was first believed to be an eviction notice last Wednesday (June 6). It turned out that the document wasn't an eviction order and Sterling was allowed to stay, but the locks were still changed.

Sterling says the locks were already changed once in April, at which point he alleges the landlord also damaged a sign on his unit.

According to Sterling, his lease agreement is for three years and he had given the landlord post-dated cheques for the 36 months.

He adds that he was then given a termination notice advising that the rental agreement would end May 31.

    Following last Wednesday's incident, Sterling has not left the church for an extended period of time, fearing he might not get back in.

Sterling says this act of racism is isolated.

The landlord has declined to comment, but did tell the Orangeville Banner the reasons are not racially motivated.    

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