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4/16/2018 10:09:49 AM

Public works crews across Dufferin County and Caledon will continue to clean-up roads and sidewalks Monday (Apr. 16) following a rare mid-April ice storm.

In Orangeville, Public Works Director Doug Jones says crews have been working since early Saturday morning.

    With the brunt of the storm having tappered off, the concern is pooling and flooding.

Residents can also help in clearing catch basins of snow and ice and around fire hydrants.

Dufferin OPP is reporting that major roads and highways are icy with loose heavy slush on top.

Constable Paul Nancekivell says motorists need to drive to conditions, slow your speed to allow more stopping distance, leave lots of space between you and the vehicle ahead, and keep vehicles clear of snow and ice before driving.

On Dufferin OPP patrolled roads there were five collisions between Saturday and Monday. One person had to be extricated from their vehicle in a crash on Airport Road, but police say all collisions were minor.

Across the province, OPP reports there were more 1,400 collisions.

Tow trucks were pulled off the road over the weekend and any vehicles left in the ditch will be pulled out Monday.    

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