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4/10/2018 5:24:30 PM

A possible amalgamation between Shelburne and Orangeville Police Services isn't being supported by Shelburne council.


Councillor Wade Mills and council agreed to an OPP costing late last year.

It could be several more months before the final proposal from OPP gets to Town Hall.

Council also heard the results of an OPP satisfaction survey at Monday's meeting (April 9).

A total of 10 municipalities were sent questions that asked about its experience with OPP.

According to the survey, all municipalities agreed that the OPP stayed true to its costing and a number of them agreed the OPP provided a good level of service to the community.

But Councillor Walter Benotto says he felt the survey lacked information.


Council did not know what municipalities were sent the survey and what ones responded because they had the option of remaining anonymous. Staff could only clarify to council that half of the municipalities recently switched over to OPP and the other half were policed by them for a long time.

Benotto says it may be a matter of waiting until the OPP costing comes forward and then they can ask more pointed questions.

If you would like to check out the survey you can head over to Shelburne Council's agenda package and scroll to page 12.    

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