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2/13/2018 10:02:25 AM

Amalgamating services such as fire, police and library have been casually talked about by politicians in the past, and on Monday (Feb. 12), Orangeville council debated whether or not to explore it.

The request came from Councillor Nick Garisto.

    Currently Orangeville Fire services Amaranth, East Garafraxa and Mono, while in Shelburne and Grand Valley, their fire departments service surrounding municipalities as well.

A majority of Dufferin County municipalities use OPP for policing, except for Orangeville and Shelburne, and Grand Valley, Shelburne and Orangeville each have their own library service.

Councillor Scott Wilson didn't support Garisto's request, noting that if it were to pass, he would like to keep the library separate.

Wilson, who sits on the library board, says the board has briefly talked about a county-wide service or union service, but has not taken a position on either. It is expected to be further discussed at an upcoming meeting.

Wilson also found it odd that Garisto was trying to save the taxpayer money, since he passed on a similar opportunity last year.

    Councillor Sylvia Bradley echoed Wilson's comment and added that the request also comes at a bad time.

    Garisto says he didn't support the OPP costing because he didn't believe the savings presented to council were real and that they couldn't committ to a ten year contract.

Ultimately, Garisto only had the support of Mayor Jeremy Williams, with Councillors Wilson, Bradley, Gail Campbell, Don Kidd and Deputy Mayor Warren Maycock voting against it.    

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